Magnaflow 558446 | BUICK ENCLAVE, CHEVROLET TRAVERSE, GMC ACADIA, SATURN OUTLOOK | 3.6L | Bank 1-Firewall Side | Catalytic Converter-Direct Fit | California Legal | EO# D-193-128

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Direct Fit (3.6L/ENCLAVE, 3.6L/TRAVERSE, 3.6L/ACADIA, 3.6L/OUTLOOK) California Certified ARB GRADE Catalytic Converter, mandrel bent tubular stainless steel construction provides superior CatSmart enabled emissions reduction and, superior flow efficiency.

California Air Resources Board certified and approved for use on the vehicles listed below.

vehicleengineyearengine familyCalifornia EO #description
BUICK ENCLAVE3.6L20099GMXT03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
CHEVROLET TRAVERSE3.6L20099GMXT03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
GMC ACADIA3.6L20099GMXT03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
SATURN OUTLOOK3.6L20099GMXT03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
BUICK ENCLAVE3.6L2010AGMXJ03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
CHEVROLET TRAVERSE3.6L2010AGMXJ03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
GMC ACADIA3.6L2010AGMXJ03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
SATURN OUTLOOK3.6L2010AGMXJ03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
BUICK ENCLAVE3.6L2011BGMXJ03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
CHEVROLET TRAVERSE3.6L2011BGMXJ03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
GMC ACADIA3.6L2011BGMXJ03.6151D-193-131Front Rearward
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