Magnaflow 5561209 | 3" in/out | 4" Round Body | 8.75" Length | California OBDII Catalytic Converter | EO# D-193-141

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Universal Fit California Certified ARB GRADE Catalytic Converter. The universal catalytic converter is intended for PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION only as it requires the use of welding, cutting and tube bending to fit properly.

California Air Resources Board certified and approved for use on the vehicles listed below.

vehicleengineyearengine familyCalifornia EO #description
CHEVROLET CORVETTE6.2L20099GMXV06.2086D-193-141Left; Trim ZR1; OE Spec
CHEVROLET CORVETTE6.2L20099GMXV06.2086D-193-141Passenger Side; Trim ZR1; OE Spec
CHEVROLET CORVETTE6.2L2010AGMXV06.2086D-193-141Left; Trim ZR1; OE Spec
CHEVROLET CORVETTE6.2L2010AGMXV06.2086D-193-141Passenger Side; Trim ZR1; OE Spec
CHEVROLET CORVETTE6.2L2011BGMXV06.2086D-193-141Left; Trim ZR1; OE Spec
CHEVROLET CORVETTE6.2L2011BGMXV06.2086D-193-141Passenger Side; Trim ZR1; OE Spec
CHRYSLER 3005.7L20066CRXV05.7MD1D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L20066CRXV05.7MD1D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L20077CRXV05.7MD1D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L20077CRXV05.7MD1D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L20077CRXV05.7MD3D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L20077CRXV05.7MD3D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L20088CRXV05.7MD0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L20088CRXV05.7MD0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L20099CRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L20099CRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L2010ACRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L2010ACRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L2011BCRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L2011BCRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L2012CCRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L2012CCRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L2013DCRXV05.7VP1D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L2013DCRXV05.7VP1D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L2014ECRXV05.75P0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
CHRYSLER 3005.7L2014ECRXV05.75P0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L20077CRXV05.7MD1D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L20077CRXV05.7MD1D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L20077CRXV05.7MD3D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L20077CRXV05.7MD3D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L20088CRXV05.7MD0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L20088CRXV05.7MD0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L20099CRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L20099CRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L2010ACRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L2010ACRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L2011BCRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L2011BCRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L2012CCRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L2012CCRXV05.7UP0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L2013DCRXV05.7VP1D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L2013DCRXV05.7VP1D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L2014ECRXV05.75P0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE CHARGER5.7L2014ECRXV05.75P0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE MAGNUM5.7L20066CRXV05.7MD1D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE MAGNUM5.7L20066CRXV05.7MD1D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE MAGNUM5.7L20077CRXV05.7MD1D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE MAGNUM5.7L20077CRXV05.7MD1D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE MAGNUM5.7L20077CRXV05.7MD3D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE MAGNUM5.7L20077CRXV05.7MD3D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE MAGNUM5.7L20088CRXV05.7MD0D-193-141Left; OE Spec; AWD
DODGE MAGNUM5.7L20088CRXV05.7MD0D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec; AWD
FORD FUSION1.6L2013DFMXV01.6VDFD-193-141OE Spec; Manual Trans
FORD FUSION1.6L2014EFMXV01.6VDFD-193-141OE Spec; Manual Trans
FORD MUSTANG5L2011BFMXV05.0VD5D-193-141Left; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2011BFMXV05.0VD5D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2012CFMXV05.0VD5D-193-141Left; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2012CFMXV05.0VD5D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2012CRIIV05.0VD5D-193-141Left; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2012CRIIV05.0VD5D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2013DFMXV05.0VD5D-193-141Left; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2013DFMXV05.0VD5D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2013DRIIV05.0VD5D-193-141Left; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2013DRIIV05.0VD5D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2014EFMXV05.0VD5D-193-141Left; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2014EFMXV05.0VD5D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2014ERIIV05.0VD5D-193-141Left; OE Spec
FORD MUSTANG5L2014ERIIV05.0VD5D-193-141Passenger Side; OE Spec
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