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Magnaflow 17071 | Ram 2500/3500 | 6.7 | Black Series Diesel | 5in. | Black Ceramic Coated | Filter-back | Single Exit Performance exhaust

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SKU: 17071
March 27 2021
60.00 LBS
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Black Ceramic Coated Exhaust-2019-2020 Ram DIESEL 6.7L ,2500/3500, Crew Cab,

Extended Crew Cab Bed, 5inch System, Particulate Filter-Back,  single Tip Magnaflow 17071

approved for the vehicles listed below.

Ram 25006.7L2019Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 35006.7L2019Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 25006.7L2019Extended Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 35006.7L2019Extended Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 25006.7L2020Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 35006.7L2020Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 25006.7L2020Extended Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 35006.7L2020Extended Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 25006.7L2021Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 35006.7L2021Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 25006.7L2021Extended Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
Ram 35006.7L2021Extended Crew Cab Pickup; Single Passenger Side Rear Exit
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  • 3

    Posted by Jim on 9th May 2021

    Looks great. But did not add any aggressive sound to the exhaust. May have even reduced the exhaust note. Not what I was looking for.

  • 1
    Totally Ashamed Magnaflow

    Posted by Brad Jordan on 7th May 2021

    I am dumb founded that as a long time user and supporter of Magnaflow systems that Magnaflow put their name in this one. This system is my 5th over the years and the 5th time I've self installed each one. I have purchased systems for my 2003 ram 5.9 Cummins, 2007 ram 5.9 Cummins, 2007.5 ram 6.7 Cummins, 2014 ram 6.7 Cummins then this recent, 2019 ram 6.7 Cummins. The engineers who come up with the measurements and exhaust hanger/clamp needs fired immediately. When I got this system mocked up on my truck, I couldn't figure out what was going on. The exhaust tip stuck out well past my fender well and bumper by at least 8". Which is a violation of the law in Pennsylvania. So after disassembling the system, cutting, reassembling, disassembling, cutting, reassembling, it was determined that the extension pipe is about 16-8" too long. Same goes for the over the axle section, 6-8" too long. Mind you, assembling, cutting and reassembling numerous times, this system took me about 5 hours to finally get a proper fit. Then comes the brain dead engineer who designed the exhaust hanger/clamp gizmo. Let's weld the exhaust hanger to clamps and you have to slide each section on painted black piping through the clamp. Again, I had to doe this process several times. Looking at why this was set up and engineered this way was because Magnaflow didn't have the correct factory measurements to weld the hanger directly to the exhaust as any other exhaust system has. Then...after everything is all said and done, you crank over the engine and WHAT? Not a hint of an exhaust tone. Again, I am totally ashamed Magnaflow. Save your money, buy a rattle can of hi temp black paint and buy an exhaust tip becuase you will get the same results with a lot less aggravation trying to fit this system to your truck.

  • 1
    I can't believe magnaflow produces this

    Posted by B Jordan on 27th Apr 2021

    I own a 2019 ram 3500 with 6.7 Cummins. This would be the 5th magnaflow exhaust I've bought for my trucks,(2003 ram 3500, 2007 ram 2500, 2007.5 ram 3500, and 2014 ram 3500). This doesn't make me an "expert" but at least a diehard follower and user of magnaflow products. All exhausts have always been self installed, pretty simple plug and play. Today and received item 17071. Removal of the factory exhaust was straight forward then the headaches after headaches came with trying to install this muffler. The "extension" piece was about 12-13" too long and required modification to be cut shorter. Then came the exhaust hanger with the clamps. Don't know what engineer designed this but there as absolute no possible way to slide the exhaust piping through the clamp hanger without scratching the black paint. No way! Then comes the tailpipe section, again modifications required by cutting at least 4-5" as it was too long and stuck out past the fender flares. Started this project at 1pm and finally finished @530 pm. Absolute unacceptable for a product that is supposed to be a simple bolt on that should take less than an hour, take all afternoon to figure what was wrong and too long. I'm sorry Magnaflow but I can NOT recommend this product at all. Then once everything is all said and don't, NO and I mean NO different any exhaust tone! $400 for an exhaust that has a nice looking tip. Save your money and just buy a nice $100 black tip elsewhere becuase that's the only thing going for this exhaust!